Mozilla breaks the Valley's silence on CISPA →

Andy Greenberg at Forbes:

Despite the outcry over the privacy violations the revamped bill might allow and even a threatened veto from the White House, tech firms have largely stood behind it—CISPA’s official supporters include Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Oracle, and Symantec among others. Mozilla didn’t offer any further comment on its decision to break with that collection of CISPA supporters. But it wouldn’t be the first time Mozilla has taken an outspoken role against controversial legislation.

CISPA has been frequently compared in the tech press to SOPA—sometimes even referred to as “SOPA 2.0”—but it’s actually a very different bill with very different aims and very different problems. An admittedly simplistic take: SOPA essentially gave private enterprise law enforcement powers any time someone invoked “intellectual property” (i believe it required you to look in the mirror and say it three times, and a warrant signed by the Justice Department would appear in your hands in a puff of brimstone), whereas CISPA is essentially about giving private companies immunity for violating privacy laws any time someone invokes “cyberattacks” or “cybercrime” or pretty much any scary word with the prefix “cyber-” tacked on.

Greenberg notes dryly that Google “remains perhaps the only major tech firm that has yet to take a stance on CISPA,” and that while there are two Senate counterparts to CISPA they’re “very different bills.”

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