The mobile payments mess →

Dieter Bohn:

There are a half-dozen legitimate and competing solutions for payment, just as many for digital wallet apps, even more for accepting payments, and innumerable startups, gigantic corporations, banks, carriers, regulators, point-of-sale hardware producers, joint ventures, and merchants all vying for a slice of what could be a very big pie. Somewhere in there is the consumer, who by-and-large is standing on the sidelines watching these entities play their Game of Payment Thrones and waiting to see what solution will actually become ubiquitous enough to actually rely on.

This is a good article on the subject, but I wonder if it’s asking the right question. I suspect most consumers aren’t even aware of this “game” going on right now, and it’d be hard to convince them of the superiority of a “digital wallet” on their smartphone over a physical wallet which, for the foreseeable future, they’re still going to be carrying anyway.