Updated Markdown services

A while ago I put together a few OS X services to do various Markdown-ish conversions: Markdown to HTML, HTML to Markdown, and “Copy Markdown as RTF,” which would take selected Markdown text and put it on the clipboard as the equivalent rich text.

I’ve updated these to add the one piece that’s clearly missing: “Paste RTF as Markdown,” which does what you’d expect from the name—take rich text on the clipboard and paste it into another document as the equivalent Markdown. In addition, I’ve changed the services to be self-contained, including John Gruber’s Markdown and SmartyPants scripts as part of the package.

Lastly, I’ve added two wrappers for MultiMarkdown to HTML and Copy MultiMarkdown as RTF, which require Fletcher Penney’s MultiMarkdown to be installed in /usr/local/bin.

Note that both of the RTF conversions are in the “stupid pet tricks” category, since neither Gruber nor Penney’s scripts can actually create true RTF—instead, documents are converted to HTML and the HTML is converted to RTF with Apple’s textutil utility. MultiMarkdown documents you’re trying to turn into RTF will likely require some massaging. (That’s engineer-speak for “this will mutilate your work.”)


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