Is 9to5Mac ever right? →

9to5Mac claims that the “revamped” 15-inch MacBook Pro is coming any moment now, and according to their “trusted sources”:

  • It won’t follow the Air’s tapered design, it’ll just be thinner
  • It’ll have two Thunderbolt ports, not one
  • But it’ll have no FireWire ports
  • And it’ll be the first Mac with USB 3
  • And it’ll have a retina display

I can’t say definitively that this is all wrong, and hey, I was pretty sure that Nokia wouldn’t ever go to Windows Phone. But there are a few weird claims in here. USB 3? Yes, Intel’s Ivy Bridge adds that for “free” and it’s more than fast enough to take the place of FireWire 800, but Apple could have added that to any other Mac for a fairly trivial cost before and never did—why start now? Professionals in the Mac ecosystem haven’t been buying USB 3 peripherals, they’ve been buying FireWire ones and saving up for Thunderbolt ones. And seriously, why two Thunderbolt ports? Since you can daisy chain Thunderbolt peripherals with no appreciable performance penalty, it’s hard to see the advantage.

The retina display claim is plausible given the speculation that they’ve been heading that way. I wonder whether they could really get a 15.4″ display at 2880×1800 resolution out without raising the hardware price—that’s higher-resolution than the 27″ Thunderbolt Display—but given that they pulled it off with the iPad, they may well be able to here, too.

But, I’d definitely want to bookmark this claim to see how close it comes to whatever Apple really does announce. My impression of 9to5Mac is has been that their track record is pretty abysmal. (Update: the article’s author, Mark Gurman, popped up in comments to list many cases where 9to5Mac got things pretty much right. Or at least cases where he did. All right, well played, sir. I considered changing my headline, but have decided it’s better to leave it, and simply add the note: “Well, I must admit that yes, they are, actually.”)

  1. knowncitizen said: I think the primary reason for dual thunderbolt is one could just be display and the other could just be peripherals?
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