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The Chromebook? The Galaxy Tab? The HTC One? You’re telling me that any comparable Apple product is waaaaay better than any of those?

It depends on how much value you put on each “a” there. Maybe the comparable Apple products are merely “way better” rather than “waaaaay better.”

Somewhat more seriously: dude, don’t just pull random product names out of a hat here. The HTC One is, from what I can tell, a terrific product—actual LTE, actual Android 4, and only two-thirds of the unremovable carrier-installed bloatware we’ve all come to love. But yes, I’d say the iPad 3rd Generation is at least one or two a’s way better than a Galaxy Tab unless you have a specific use case the Tab is better at. (For instance, being 7″, which some models of the Tab are unquestionably better at.) And there are no Apple products comparable to the Chromebook. This isn’t a knock against the Chromebook, per se. It’s just that if you think the Chromebook and the Air are in the same product category, I’d like to know what color the sky is on your planet.

I don’t want to accuse our friend at “Blogging With Typewriters” of being a hipster, but y’know, if the obscure band T-shirt fits and all that. The thing is, hating Apple to be hip is so 2010.

There are a lot of reasons to buy iThings, and sure, “because it’s the in thing” is one of those reasons. So is “I’ve tried them and like them more than the competition” or “I want to use iPhone-specific things like iMessage1" or "they work most easily with the stuff I have." But Apple products are way, way, way too popular to be hip. You can’t be hipster smug with an Apple product. In 2012, you buy an Android product and unlock the bootloader to be hipster smug, and use phrases like "iSheep" while you pretend that you actually like the taste of PBR.

  1. In a coffee shop the other day, I overheard high school students using iMessage as a verb. This may be an under-the-radar Apple advantage, but it’s a real one and it’s a big one. (So is that annoying proprietary dock connector that everybody seems to be hoping they’re going to replace.) 

  1. adolwyn said: I still have the first gen iPad too. I fail to see why I need a new one when the iPad 3 is just slightly lighter and I’m never going to use the thing as a bloody camera.
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    I agree, but they aren’t just another product line… They are more wealthy than all 3rd world countires and even some...
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    So much this.
  5. mhopeg said: Very well said. I think Apple has a lot of very nice products, but I simply won’t stand in line overnight for an iPhone that doesn’t run on a 4G Network when I can get a 4G Android that, frankly, is actually a lot better for a LOT less money that
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  7. snyderly said: SO MUCH thicker and heavier. I used to be the biggest Apple fanboy. I would still love to work there again (mind you, I only worked retail). Even so, I have mulled choosing an Android phone, & if I ever do get to have a smartphone, will consider it.
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    It depends on how much value you put on each “a” there. Maybe the comparable Apple products are merely “way better”...
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    As a self-hating Apple junkie, I have to say that I love Apple for the integration of everything. Everything is easy,...
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  14. thefrogman said: Actually, the Apple Newton was one of the first PDAs. Palm got no love because it really wasn’t that great. Apple made viable touchscreen phones and tablets and are probably responsible for your samsung existing.