What Happens in Facebook… →

Dave Pell:

For the past couple of years Isaac has been following his childhood friend Marvin on Facebook. And over that period, Marvin has shared a series of political links and comments that are diametrically opposed to Isaac’s core values. During the weeks leading up to the trip, Isaac was convinced that these political differences would be a thorn in the side of any experience.

But a funny thing happened when he got to Las Vegas. For the first time in years, Isaac saw his old friend Marvin in person. Within ten seconds of greeting each other, Isaac was reminded that in addition to a shared history and group of friends, he and Marvin have almost everything else in common. They talked for hours that first night in Vegas and the bonding session extended right through Sunday afternoon.

A great reminder that, as Pell puts it, “someone who only experiences the virtual you is not getting anywhere close to the full story.”

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