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  • October 1, 2012 10:58 am

    David Chartier: Throwing in the towel on Squarespace 6


    I got in on the Squarespace 6 beta earlier this year and it felt like a breath of fresh air. It’s a gorgeous platform that does some great things you won’t find in other services. It lets mere mortals like me to align blocks of content in just about any way you can imagine, and no one needs to so much as try to define “CSS.” Hosting performance is top notch. […] But shortly after Squarespace unceremoniously removed the beta badge and I decided to commit to the platform, far too much else about the service started breaking and re-breaking, and I’ve reached my limit.

    As a fairly faithful listener of Dan Benjamin’s 5by5 Network, I’ve been hearing a lot of goodness about Squarespace, and it really does sound like a great platform in some ways—but it’s interesting to hear a fairly detailed counterpoint. I’ve been considering trying to migrate Coyote Tracks off Tumblr, not out of dissatisfaction with their product but because, like Ben Brooks, I find paying for a service brings me a marginal extra level of comfort. But I’m not willing to just start over from scratch at this point, losing two years of posts (and 15,000+ followers); any new service needs to be able to import Tumblr flawlessly. Squarespace 6 can import Tumblr, with the helpful caveat “Markdown text is not supported for imported blogs. Content imported from a blog using Markdown language will not display.” Guess what all my posts are in?

    1. emory said: I’m really glad to have read your experiences. I’ve been considering doing something on SS but have had. lot of reservations. I think Wordpress is probably one of the worst applications on the web today, second to Flash. I am using Jekyll a lot but…
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      As a fairly faithful listener of Dan Benjamin’s 5by5 Network, I’ve been hearing a lot of goodness about Squarespace, and...
    3. darnellclayton said: I’d be curious as to what host/platform you choose in the future. WordPress is great if you have a great host (like WPEngine or Pagely).
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