Newsweek getting out of print business →

David Carr, NYT:

Newsweek, the weekly magazine that for decades summarized the news for households across the United States but struggled to maintain relevance in the Internet era, announced on Thursday that it would cease print publication at the end of the year.

In high school and college I read both Time and Newsweek fairly regularly. While Time seemed to do better on features and columns, Newsweek seemed—appropriately enough—to do better with news. Back then it appeared to me that Time was more left-of-center politically and Newsweek was more centrist; it wasn’t until much later that I learned about the political history of the magazines, which is fascinating in its own right. (In fact, editorially Time was staunchly Republican through much of its history, and the notion of the “American Century” can be attributed to its publisher Henry Luce.)

While the Newsweek of today is a far cry from its old incarnation, they seem to be pretty savvy about digital media. Whether this can really be translated into commercial success remains to be seen.

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