Alas, poor ReadWrite(Web), I knew you well →

A while ago I came across news that “ReadWriteWeb” was going to be rebranded as “ReadWrite,” in a bold effort to make a kind of stupid name a little stupider. But TechCrunch, among others, reports that this was just the start of RW(W)’s bold excursion into dumb:

Gone is founder Richard MacManus, but coming in is a new Editor in Chief, Dan Lyons. You know him best as “Fake Steve Jobs.”

I used to know him best as Fake Steve Jobs. Now I mostly know him as the troll’s troll, the link baiter’s link baiter, the douche’s bag.

Lyons told me [Drew Olanoff] last week that he wants to bring a new attitude to the site.

I have every confidence that we can look forward to the high journalistic standards of Arianna Huffington, the thoughtful commentary of Glenn Beck, and the in-depth investigative reporting tradition of Us Weekly.

  1. tofias said: I feel compelled to point out as bad as HuffPo is (and they are bad) they are doing a better, more honest, more rigorous, more public spirited job covering the 2012 pre-election polls than every other major media outlet.
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