Does Google TV have its act together? →

When I saw mention of a Google TV update I confess my immediate thought was a headline something like In other news, Google is actually still making this. Instead, though, two non-flippant thoughts.

First, Google’s PrimeTime app looks close to the unified content view that I was pining for in the post yesterday. It’s not clear how integrated it is with services like Netflix and Hulu, though. If all it does is provide a Google UI for what your cable and satellite providers give you and you have to go back to an application menu and run applications to see what’s in Netflix, Clicker, etc., then it’s not nearly as compelling. If it does integrate in with those apps, though, that’s potentially a Big Deal.

Second, voice search. Again, the caveats above apply, but that really is kind of awesome—and it’s mildly surprising that Apple isn’t already there.