Happy 2013, or not

Apparently I am being gently downsized at my current place of employment—moved to part-time starting in February. This doesn’t wildly bother me yet (a 50% pay cut, while not good, is both better than unemployment and leaves me with a lot of time to try to do as yet undefined Other Things), but I’m beginning to wonder about my wisdom in employers and perhaps career paths. My average time at an employer in the last decade has been about a year; I’ve never left to take another position as a career move, nor been asked to leave due to performance issues, with the arguable exception of the misadventure in “You Can’t Hire a New Bill.” It’s always been the economy (stupid).

Now I get to figure out whether I want to get back into the consulting game to make up the lost income—and eventually, all the income, as I don’t think Current Employer will need me part-time indefinitely—or… something else. Part of me would like to see if I can make a living writing, but I suspect I’m just not in a position to try that (yet?). Part of me would like to start a new business, except for the inconvenient problem of not having any business ideas. And an increasingly large part of me would just like something stable, dammit. I’m getting too old for this.

(My regular blogging has been light, but will resume soonish. Hopefully.)

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