Three Views of Apple & Dr. Dre by Tech Punditry


Exclusive: Apple’s Cook, music mogul Iovine discuss new music service

In which we are somewhat breathlessly informed that Apple “has held talks with Beats, the audio technology firm co-founded by influential hip-hop producer Dr Dre,” about “a potential partnership involving Beats’ planned music-streaming service.” But in the third paragraph we’re told the meeting was “informational,” according to sources.


Apple’s Tim Cook Met With Beats to Talk About the Company’s New ‘Daisy’ Streaming Music Service

TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington essentially rewrites the Reuters piece, but emphasizes “it was an ‘information’ gathering meeting, with the intent of finding out how project Daisy plans to stand apart from Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and others,” and makes no attempt to paint it as a partnership: while it confirms Apple is interested in streaming (duh), “it’s early to draw any conclusions from this meeting.”

The Verge:

Beats raises $60 million for new music streaming service launching this year

Greg Sandoval’s article leads off with “Len Blavatnik, the Russian-born entrepreneur who acquired Warner Music Group in 2011 for $3.3 billion, is part of a group that will invest $60 million in Daisy”—which isn’t mentioned by Reuters until their eighth paragraph, even though arguably, that’s the actual news. He doesn’t refer to Apple at all.

Only two of these articles involve actual reporting—TechCrunch is just rewriting, yet they still get Reuters’s story more right than Reuters does. Only Sandoval’s appears to involve good reporting. (We can see why CNET didn’t want to keep him around.)

You often read complaints about how news organizations seem to throw Apple into headlines just to draw attention; it’s fascinating to so clearly see that in action.

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