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In theory the impending demise of Google Reader doesn’t affect me because I switched to Fever a while ago. In practice, the truth is that I don’t really like Fever very much — its biggest theoretical advantage is its “hot list,” but I don’t really look at the hot list very much. It’s very rare that it shows me something I haven’t already seen before, so I forget about it. And if you don’t use that, then what Fever leaves you with is, well, clunky. On the web, its aesthetics are questionable and the UX ranges from undiscoverable to mystifying, and there’s no good iPad solution.

This has motivated me to poke around a little more, and while it’s too early to make a definitive recommendation I’m surprisingly impressed by Feedly so far. While it has a “newspaper” look, unlike the “river of news” motif that other sites seem to take, Feedly doesn’t impose its own organization on your feeds. Feedly has a Chrome extension and also mobile apps (note: I haven’t used the apps yet). And, while it uses Google Reader currently, they’ve been working on their own replacement and will, at some point soon, switch over to that back end transparently.

  1. peelman said: After looking at feedly for 5 minutes I was reaffirmed in my decision to use newsblur.
  2. badbatz said: Have you checked out NewsBlur? It is cross-platform like Feedly but is not synced to GReader. I like Feedly on the web but not so much on my iPhone, for which I use Reeder. Not sure what I’m going to do either…
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