Brendan Eich Steps Down as Mozilla CEO →

For those not keeping score, Brendan Eich is a long-time Netscape/Mozilla employee, the inventor of Javascript, and a guy who gave $1000 to California’s “Proposition 8” a few years ago, the one that banned gay marriage. One of the previous facts about Eich caused a loud outcry against his recent appointment to CEO. Not the Javascript one.

Eich’s defense — from himself and others — largely boiled down to “well, you have to include all viewpoints if you’re going to call yourself inclusive,” which is a fine argument until one considers that including the side that says you can’t include the other side is the rhetorical equivalent of a division by zero error. Given how strongly Eich had been digging in his heels, one suspects he didn’t step down as much as had the ladder yanked out from under him.

And the guy invented Javascript. Isn’t that damage enough?

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