FourSquare de-gamifies →

As Foursquare added more Yelp-like features and kept de-emphasizing the game aspects that it had always been built around, I asked somewhat sardonically:

Turns out the answer is: next month. Ben Popper and Ellis Hamburger, The Verge:

Today, the company is announcing a brand new app called Swarm that will exist alongside the current Foursquare app. Swarm will be a social heat map, helping users find friends nearby and check in to share their location. A completely rewritten Foursquare app will launch in a month or so. The new Foursquare will ditch the check-in and focus solely on exploration and discovery, finally positioning itself as a true Yelp-killer in the battle to provide great local search.

Foursquare’s CEO has been saying for the past year that the check-ins and points and badges and all were never their real goal, but I’m dubious. The big question ahead is whether the “new” Foursquare is really competitive with Yelp. Foursquare has listings for just as many businesses as Yelp, but it doesn’t have ratings for nearly as many. But worse, for an app that wants to focus on “exploration and discovery,” the algorithm that drives Foursquare’s ratings shows a noticeable bias toward places that are both popular and get a lot of regulars. That sounds reasonable, but a lot of times you’re a regular at a place because it’s close to your office. Both Yelp and Foursquare are going to be able to tell you about that huge Mexican place that’s popular with all the tech workers for business lunches, but Yelp’s a lot more likely to tell you about the dive taqueria worth going out of your way for.

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